We are excited to announce a very special Bride and Groom registered with us!

Carolyn Rebeck and Jack Allen!

Deborah (Jack's cousin) and the Allens are over the moon that Carolyn is joining the family and are looking forward to having a new, extended group of family and friends!!

Here's to many fun times and gatherings ahead!     

Below is an updated list of what they have registrered for and what has already been ordered. Please take note and return to the 'Jenny Collection' on the main menu to view the products.

The Jenny Collection for Carolyn and Jack:

2 Jenny Platters


12 Jenny Dinner Plates


12 Jenny Salad Plates

(9 ordered - 3 available for purchase)

12 Jenny Pasta Bowls

(10 ordered - 2 available for purchase)

12 Jenny Small Bowls

 (7 ordered - 5 available for purchase)