Studio Pullover


It all started with the marks I inadvertently made while painting the edges of my round, rectangular and square paintings. The colors, texture and shapes became their own composition! 

I wanted to create something unique with the linen drop cloth! The lightbulb came on and I went to Yoki who inspires me so much as a creative! I asked for help in finding the perfect design worthy of cutting into this beautiful fabric. 

Inspired by my favorite piece in my wardrobe (made by Yokishop), Jeff Yokohama designed this ‘Studio Pullover’ custom for me! 

AND We are making them custom for you!  Each piece of linen is painted in  my studio and hand made by @yokishop!! A true one of a kind!

Message me for details and pricing! 

Photo by Erica Elan
Hat by Thundervoice Hat Co.